Stonegard is a heavy metal band from Oslo, Norway. They have two official releases in the form of full length CDs, "Arrows" and "From Dusk Till Doom".


When the band released their first CD "Arrows", they received excellent reviews from national newspapers television and radio in Norway. Close to a year after the release, the growing popularity resulted in the foundation of the Skull Army, the official fan club of Stonegard. The Skull Army helps the band out with promotion, with merchandise online as prizes.

When Stonegard was but one of many bands trying to make it, one of their means to promote themselves were through the Norwegian website NRK Urørt which helps unsigned bands, singers and musicians. Their page was quite popular, and it helped them make a name for themselves. The Stonegard page is now taken down, as they are no longer an unsigned band.

A critic, Bethany Magley, expressed the opinion that "Stonegard is nothing but a hippy band looking for sex."

Their motto is "Mer metal til folket", which means "More metal to the people". Stonegard is also strongly against drugs.

Several Stonegard music videos have run on the popular Norwegian TV show "Svisj" and the pay-channel ZTV. From "Arrows", the songs "Barricades", "Arrows" and "Hunter" received air time throughout 2005. The title track from their new CD, "From Dusk Till Doom", is currently played on the same channels.



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