Stella Niagara Education Park

Stella Niagara Education Park

Stella Niagara Education Park is an elementary school, peace site, and hospitality center located in Stella Niagara, New York, within the small town of Lewiston. It was founded by a group of Franciscan Sisters in 1908. They practice the values of St. Francis by caring for and conserving nature while living quite humbly. The sisters work to help and teach their community and many other countries around the world, such as Chiapas, Mexico, and Tanzania, about the work and teachings of God.

The School

The school, starting at a montessori level and ending with eighth grade, has approximately 250 students. It has a student teacher ratio of 8.69. The school focusses on teaching their students mentally, physically, and spiritually. The school encourages it's students to challenge themselves mentally not only in school, but in life. It also requires the children to take regular physical education, swim, and dance classes, and encourages them to participate in school athletics. Spiritually, the school has mandatory religion classes and school masses on religious holidays.

The Peace Site

As a peace site, the sisters work to protect and respect all of the nature on the site. They utilize their Franciscan values to preserve and care for the nature that surrounds them, creating a nature trail, paths, recycling, gardening, etc.

The Hospitality Center

The Center of Renewal is the name of the hospitality center on the site. It offers religious and spiritual counseling as well as a place for group retreats and workshops. This center also cares for many of the ill sisters living in the convent.

Each aspect of Stella Niagara Education Park continues to be mostly run and supported by the Sisters of St. Francis.


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