Steam (2007 film)

Steam (2007 film)

Steam is a 2007 film written and directed by Kyle Schickner. It stars Ruby Dee, 1980s and indie icon Ally Sheedy as well as up-and-coming young actress Kate Siegel.


Three very different women, a college student, a single mother and a widow meet in the steam room, hoping to melt away their troubles.

Elizabeth (Kate Siegel), the college freshman is beginning to find her sexual identity and struggling to break free from her strict Catholic parents. Laurie (Ally Sheedy) is trying to cope with her ex-husband's efforts to use their son to get back at her, even as she begins a tricky relationship with the son's soccer coach, a man closer to her son's age than to her own. Doris (Ruby Dee) an older woman facing feelings of despair and emptiness after the death of her husband spends her days avoiding the church busybody committee until she meets a new man.

Unbeknownst to them, these women share many of the same struggles and joys and separately learn to find strength, joy and beauty in their unique circumstances. By interweaving the stories of their individual journeys the film shows how age, race, class, sexual identity and religion have little to do with matters of the heart and that ultimately, we all want the same things: love and happiness



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