Stealing Home (CSI episode)

Stealing Home (CSI: NY episode)

Stealing Home is the 22nd episode in Season 2 of the popular American crime drama CSI: NY. It was written by Zachary Reiter and directed by Oz Scott. It first aired on May 3, 2006.


Two grieving widows arrive at the scene of a murder, both claiming to be the wives of the victim, Mac, Stella and Dr. Hawks try to sort out the details when they discover that the women were knowingly involved in the marriage. A case personally affects Lindsay when she learns that a woman's lifeless' body, tangled in kelp, dressed like a mermaid is from her home town.


Lindsay Monroe: You think Danny calls me Montana because I'm a 49er's fan?
Sid Hammerback: He calls you that because he has a crush on you.

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