Statek kosmiczny Scianka

Statek kosmiczny Ścianka

Statek kosmiczny Ścianka (Ścianka the Spaceship; often abbreviated to Statek kosmiczny) released in 1998 was the debut album of Polish rock group Ścianka. Album was recorded in Maciek Cieślak's home studio in Sopot. It received a Fryderyk Award nomination in "Debut of the year" categoryand was awarded best debut album of the year by Tylko Rock magazine. There were no singles promoting the album, but "Skuter" received status of biggest Ścianka's hit among their fans. "Skuter" was also chosen by Artur Rojek to be official song for the 2nd Off Festival in 2007.

Recording and production

Statek kosmiczny Ścianka was first studio album of Ścianka. Maciej Cieślak decided to sign Ścianka on newly founded record label, Tymon Tymański's Biodro Records. Entire album was recorded in guitarist's home studio in the basement of old house in Mickiewicza Street in Sopot. Four songs ("Insect power", "Ścianka", "Skuter" and "Sopot") were previously unoficially released in their raw versions on demo tape entitled Robaki.

According to Cieślak, at first Tymański wished to issue a debut album of another Tricity alternative band, Grzegorz Nawrocki's Ego. Because Ego's Światowid was released by Antena Krzyku label, Tymański's decided to release Statek kosmiczny instead, after attending one of Ścianka live performances.

Shortly after the release, Ścianka underwent major change in personnel, when Vietnamese bassist Tran Chi was replaced with Andrzej Koczan. Tran Chi left Poland and went France, reportedly because of private or political issues.


Both band and Biodro Records agree, that promotion of the album wasn't sufficient enough. Music video to "Piosenka No 3" was created; it was directed by Dawid Marcinkowski.

Critical response

Statek kosmiczny received almost strictly positive reviews from Polish music critics. Problems with classification of Ścianka's music led to creation of jocose descriptive term "post-fuckin'avant-hendrix'grunge-noise-rock". Their style was compared to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Residents, Hawkwind, The Stooges, Captain Beefheart, Velvet Underground, MC5, Pink Floyd, and modern noise-rock artists signed to Amphetamine Reptile and SKiN GRAFT Records, as well.

Chart performance and sales

Album was relatively big commercial success, and was sold in over 5,000 copies. Album is currently out of print and unavailable on Biodro Records catalogue.

Track listing

  1. [untitled] – 0:10
  2. "Skuter" – 2:32
  3. [untitled] – 0:29
  4. "Ścianka" – 7:18
  5. "Piosenka nr 3" – 3:45
  6. "Insect power" – 2:34
  7. [untitled] – 0:05
  8. "Czerwone kozaki" – 7:51
  9. "Sopot" – 2:56
  10. "Trans-Atlantyk" – 8:57
  11. [untitled] – 0:41
  12. "Sprawa 5-ciu pracowników Instytutu Badań Kosmicznych, zbiegłych w kwietniu 1973 z terenu zakładu w Beskid Wschodni i tam doszczętnie zdziczałych" - 0:30
  13. "Chudy" – 3:12
  14. "Down there low" – 7:54
  15. "Sopot II" – 3:53
  16. [untitled] – 0:05
  17. "Piórko" – 6:39
  18. "Ja nie" – 5:07



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