Stain (album)

Stain (album)

Stain is the third album by Living Colour. It was released on March 2 1993, by Epic Records. It is the first album to feature bassist Doug Wimbish. Stain features a much heavier and aggressive Living Colour, containing elements of thrash metal and industrial music. It reached #26 on the Billboard 200; however, the band would split up on January 1995 following a tour with Bad Brains. One of their last-ever shows, before reuniting years later, would be a performance at CBGB's).

The cover art shows a woman wearing a brank. Stain is now out of print.

Track listing

  1. "Go Away" (Calhoun, Glover, Reid, Wimbish)
  2. "Ignorance is Bliss" (Calhoun, Glover, Reid, Wimbish)
  3. "Leave It Alone" (Glover, Reid, Wimbish)
  4. "Bi" (Calhoun, Reid)
  5. "Mind Your Own Business" (Reid)
  6. "Ausländer" (Calhoun, Glover, Reid, Wimbish)
  7. "Never Satisfied" (Glover, Reid)
  8. "Nothingness" (Calhoun)
  9. "Postman" (Reid)
  10. "WTFF" (stands for What-The-Fuck Factor) (Betts, Calhoun, Glover, Reid, Wimbish)
  11. "This Little Pig" (Calhoun, Glover, Reid, Wimbish)
  12. "Hemp" (Reid, Fairley)
  13. "Wall" (Calhoun, Glover, Reid, Wimbish)

European edition

All above tracks plus:

  • "T.V. News"
  • "Love Rears Its Ugly Head (Live)"



Year Chart Position
1993 The Billboard 200 26


Year Single Chart Position
1993 "Nothingness" Modern Rock Tracks 17
1993 "Leave It Alone" Modern Rock Tracks 4
1993 "Leave It Alone" Mainstream Rock Tracks 14


  • Corey Glover – vocals
  • Vernon Reid – guitar, guitar synthesizer
  • Doug Wimbish – bass, ambiance
  • Will Calhoun – drums
  • Ron Saint Germain - production, recording, mixing
  • Andre Betts - additional production
  • Bob Ludwig - mastering
  • Andrew Fairley - vocals on "Hemp"
  • Bernard Fowler - backing vocals
  • Carol Chen - art direction
  • Amy Guip - photography
  • Mouri Mbonika - cover model

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