St. Antoine

St. Antoine (electoral district)

St. Antoine was a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1892 to 1935.

This riding was created in 1892 from parts of Montreal West riding. It consisted initially of St. Antoine ward in the city of Montreal. In 1914, it was defined to consist of St. Andrew's and St. Joseph wards in the city of Montreal.

The electoral district was abolished in 1933 when it was redistributed into Saint-Henri, Saint-Antoine—Westmount and St. Lawrence—St. George ridings.

Election results

|- |RODDICK, Thos. G. ||align=right|3,077 |- |MACKAY, Robert ||align=right|2,904 |}

|- |RODDICK, Thomas G. ||align=right|2,879 |- |MACKAY, Robert ||align=right|2,792 |}

|- |AMES, H.B. ||align=right|3,342 |- |LYALL, P. ||align=right|2,692 |}

|- |AMES, Herbert Brown ||align=right|3,538 |- |SMITH, Robert Cooper ||align=right|2,676 |}

|- |AMES, Herbert Brown ||align=right|4,677 |- |HERSEY, Milton Lewis ||align=right|2,668 |}

|- |AMES, Sir Herbert Brown ||align=right|5,663 |- |HUSHION, William James ||align=right|2,549 |}

|- |MITCHELL, Walter George ||align=right|9,056 |- |ROSS, William Gillies ||align=right| 5,274 |}

By-election: On Mr. Mitchell's resignation, 14 May 1924

|- |HUSHION, William James ||align=right|4,792 |- |BIRKS, William Massey ||align=right|4,003 |}

|- |BELL, Leslie Gordon ||align=right|6,433 |- |HUSHION, William James ||align=right|5,927 |}

|- |BELL, Leslie Gordon ||align=right|6,605 |- |CREELMAN, John Jennings ||align=right|6,159 |}

|- |BELL, Leslie Gordon ||align=right|7,192 |- |HUSHION, William James ||align=right|5,185 |}

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