SquiZZ plays new hard rock for an extreme generation on XM Satellite Radio. It is located at XM 48. It is an xL channel, which means it includes explicit language. The number to call in for requests is 1-866-6SQUIZZ.

Squizz is more similar to traditional radio stations in comparison to most other XM channels as the DJs are more involved. They participate more and try to interact with their listeners. The DJs even have their own MySpace accounts and so does the channel. (Link can be found at bottom of page)

As of 2006, Squizz has adjusted its musical format from hard rock, pop-punk, screamo, and metal to just modern rock music in general. The channel still has its hard rock, which it was originally intended, but many people, most noticeable by the "scene" stereotypes, (punk, goth, and emo) have spotted everything from 90's classic rock to Christian rock.

On September 7th, 2006, Bodhi was named Program Director of SquiZZ.

On Best Buy (United States/Canada) and Future Shop (Canada) stores, the channel is banned on its tuners due to its explicit content.

Regular DJ air Schedule

Bodhi 12-6pm EST Monday-Friday, He also hosts Bigguns.

Grant Random 6pm-12amEST Monday-Friday as well as hosting Indecent Exposure.

Atticus 12-3am EST Friday and Saturday nights 3-6pm EST Sunday.

Justin 8-12pm EST Sunday.

Specialty Shows

  • Biguns - Bodhi counts down the top most requested songs of the week on Biguns.
  • Nation Penetration - Squizz will play a track from a newly released CD at the top of every hour.
  • Indecent Exposure - Grant Random plays new songs from est. artists and up and coming bands. replacing Bodhi's Sic360 & Grant's Random Selection respectively.

Former Shows

  • The Fuckin Metal Show - During the satellite downtime of XM Liquid Metal, Squizz aired this show, hosted by Ward Cleaver, on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET. This show has been removed since XMLM has returned to the satellites.
  • Bodhi's Sic360
  • Grant's Random Selection

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