Spondias mombin

Spondias mombin

Spondias mombin is a tree, a species of flowering plant in the family Anacardiaceae. It is native to the tropical Americas, including the West Indies. The tree has been naturalized in parts of Africa, India and Indonesia. It is rarely cultivated.

The great fruit has a leathery skin and a thin layer of pulp. The pulp is either eaten fresh, or made into juice, concentrate, jellies , and sherbets. In Suriname's traditional medicine, the infusion of the leaves is used as a treatment of eye inflammation, diarrhea and venereal diseases. The seed has an oil content of 31.5%.

It has several common names. Throughout the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and Mexico it is called jobo (derived from the Carib language ). Among the English-speaking Caribbean islands it is known as yellow mombin or hog plum, while in Jamaica it is called Spanish plum or gully plum. In Ghana, it is hog plum or Ashanti plum. In Nigeria, the fruit is called iyeye in the Yoruba language,, ngulungwu in Igbo and isada in Hausa. Other common names include true yellow mombin, golden apple or Java plum, cajá in Brazil.

The name of the city of Bangkok, Thailand is believed to derive from makok (มะกอก), the Thai name for the fruit of S. mombin.

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