Spiff and Hercules

Spiff and Hercules

Spiff and Hercules is the English translation of a French comic strip entitled Pif et Hercule featuring an anthropomorphic brown-yellow dog ("Pif") and a black-white cat ("Hercule") who, despite being best friends, are constantly fighting in a friendship/hate relationship. The character of Pif was created by José Cabrero Arnal for the French Communist Party newspaper L'Humanité on March 28 1948, and the cat Hercules was introduced two years later.

The adventures of Pif also appeared in the British communist newspaper the Daily Worker (later The Morning Star) until the mid-1970s.

Spiff later got his own magazine ("Pif Gadget"), which was very popular as not only did it show several different comics, but offered a toy gadget in each issue.

Hercules also got his own version of Spiff's magazine, this one called "Super Hercule", but his magazine was more joke-oriented.

A series of 65x26' animated cartoons featuring the characters was produced in the 1989 by Europe Images/M5 in France. There were two shows in each half hour.

Alternative titles

  • Пиф и Еркюл - Pif i Erkjul (Bulgarian Title)
  • Spiff and Hercules (English Title)
  • Pif le chien (French Title)
  • Pif und Herkules (German Title)
  • Pif és Herkules (Hungarian Title)
  • פיף ותלתול (Piff VeTaltol) (Israelian Title)
  • Pif i Herkules (Polish Title)
  • Spiff e Hércules (Portuguese Title)
  • Pif y Hércules (Spanish Title)
  • Pif şi Hercules (Romanian Title)
  • Pif och Hercule (Swedish Title)
  • Pif ja Herkules / Jeppe ja Kolli (Finnish Title)
  • Пиф и Геркулес (Russian Title)

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