Spider-Woman is the codename of several fictional characters in the Marvel Comics universe. They are based on the character Spider-Man. An earlier "Spider-Woman" was published by Harry "A" Chesler Comics in 1944; a non-superpowered crime-fighter named Helen Goddard, she made her first and only appearance in the Golden Age comic book Major Victory #1. Another Spiderwoman was in Spidey Super Stories #11 (story 3), although that is not official canon.


Alternate continuity

  • Prior to Jessica Drew's debut, Valerie the Librarian became Spider-Woman in Spidey Super Stories #11 (August 1975). She had no superpowers.
  • A Spider-Woman animated series was based on the Jessica Drew version.
  • Spider-Woman (Mary Jane Watson), ninja of the Spider-clan, is an alternate version of the character in the Marvel Mangaverse reality.
  • Another version of Mary Jane as Spider-Woman can be found in the Exiles series.
  • In MC2 continuity, Jessica Drew has never regained her powers and thus did not return to being Spider-Woman.
  • In the comic book Ultimate Spider-Man, an Ultimate Spider-Woman debuted in issue #98, but was not given the name "Spider-Woman" until issue #102. Though her creators named her Jessica Drew, she is a female clone of Peter Parker, and retains all of his memories up until the end of the Carnage storyline.

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  • Spider-Girl (May Parker), daughter of Spider-Man in an alternate future
  • Madame Web (Cassandra Webb), grandmother of Charlotte Witter

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