Spata (Greek: Σπάτα, pop. 7,738 in 2001), is a town 20 km to the east of Athens, Greece, built on a saddle-shaped hill in the heart of the Mesogaian plain. The view of mount Hymettus is to the west, Mount Penteli to the north, and smaller mountains and hills to the east and south. Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport covers the eastern portion of Spata, sometimes referred to as Spata Airport. Spata is passed by a road linking west to Paiania and east to Artemida and the interchange for Attiki Odos (number 19) is located west. It is located S of Pallini, SW of Rafina, W of Artemida, about 11 km N of Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, and about 22 km ESE of Athens.

The area around Spata are made up of residential, urban areas. Farmland, mostly vineyards and olive groves, lie around. Suburban housing arrived in the 1980s and the 1990s. In 1995, the eastern portion was committed to construction of the new Athens international airport, which lasted until March 2001. The Attica Zoological Park, or Attica Zoo, began construction and was opened in May 2001 and is Athens' and Greece's largest zoo.

Spata has four kindergartens, three primary schools, two secondary schools, a police station with a small temporary detention facility, and a junior football/soccer team, Aittitos (Invincible).

The Municipality of Spáta also includes the other towns or villages of Agía Kyriakí (pop. 540), Neápoli (461), Ágios Ioánnis (241), Velanidiá (237), Christoúpolis (230), Foínikas (229), Ágios Serafeím (220), Étos Stéko (111), Ágios Nikólaos Boúra (103), and Ímeros Péfkos (93).


The area included the ancient Athenian demes of Erchia (Ερχιά), birthplace of the historian and general Xenophon, and Kytheros (Κύθηρος); a Mycenean cemetery has been excavated at the southern edge of town, the exhibits being hosted in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Historical population

Year Population Change Municipal population Change
1981 6,398 - - -
1991 6,725 +327/+5.11% 7,796 -
2001 7,738 +1,013/+15.06% 10,203 +2,407/+30.87%

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West: Paiania Spata East: Artemida
South: Paiania and Markopoulo Mesogeias

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