[spas-kee; Russ. spah-skee]
Spassky, Boris, 1937-, Soviet chess champion. A child prodigy, he became an international master at the age of 16 and in 1955, at age 18, he became an international grand master. Subsequently in international matches his success was somewhat erratic, and in late 1960 Soviet officials removed Spassky temporarily from the international team. He continued to play in USSR championships, however, and subsequently twice won the right to challenge world champion Tigran Petrosian for the international title, defeating him in 1969. In 1972 he lost the title to U.S. grand master Bobby Fischer.

See D. Edmonds and J. Eldinow, Bobby Fischer Goes to War. (2004).

Spassky, Spasski, or Spasskiy (Спа́сский) is a common Russian surname, usually of descendandants of Russian Orthodox clergymen. The corresponding female surname is Spasskaya (Спа́сская).

Spassky may refer to:

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