Spangenberg, August Gottlieb, 1704-92, a bishop of the Moravian Church and a founder of that church in America, b. Prussia. While at the Univ. of Jena, he met Graf von Zinzendorf, and in 1730 he paid a visit to the Moravian colony, Herrnhut. In 1732, Spangenberg joined the theological faculty of the Univ. of Halle, but disagreement with the views of his superiors led to his dismissal. He became assistant to Zinzendorf and was sent by him on a mission to America in 1735. There, for a large portion of his life, Spangenberg was active in establishing settlements, churches, and schools in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. In 1744 he was made bishop. Zinzendorf died in 1760; two years later Spangenberg returned to Herrnhut, where he held a place of leadership among the Brethren. His Idea Fidei Fratrum (1779, tr. 1784) was adopted as the declaration of faith of the Moravian Church. Among his other writings is a biography of Zinzendorf.
Spangenberg is a small town in northeastern Hesse, Germany.


Spangenberg lies in the Schwalm-Eder district some 35 km southeast of Kassel, west of the Stölzinger Gebirge, a low mountain range.


The town of Spangenberg had its first documentary mention in 1261, at about the time when the Treffurt family ruled Spangenberg.

Historic sights

The town is known best of all for its Schloss Spangenberg, a castle built in 1253 and the town's landmark. Also worth seeing are the half-timbered buildings in the Old Town and the remains of the town's old wall, several of whose towers are still standing.

Coat of arms

Spangenberg's civic coat of arms is based on the town's oldest known seal from 1317. The object on the right (heraldically speaking, left) side is a kind of fossilized plant locally known as a Spange (also German for "brooch" or "clip"), the town's namesake. The current colours – red and gold – have been in use since 1621.

Constituent communities

In alphabetical order, these are Bergheim, Bischofferode, Elbersdorf, Herlefeld, Kaltenbach, Landefeld, Metzebach, Mörshausen, Nausis, Pfieffe, Schnellrode, Vockerode-Dinkelberg and Weidelbach.


Spangenberg maintains partnerships with the following places:


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