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Spamhole is a disposable e-mail address service that allows internet users to avoid email address submission on the Internet. It provides a way to keep one's true email address hidden by creating a temporary one from which email is relayed to the true user's email, usually in order to avoid spam.

The service originated in response to the increasing number of websites which use collected email addresses for commercial promotion / advertisement interests. Typically, email boxes become increasingly congested with this type of spam as the number of occasions the email address was submitted increase. Many Internet users find this to be an annoyance and a potential cause of an email becoming unusable.

Spamhole solves this by providing a single trustworthy site for users to submit their address on though one must initially trust Spamhole not to make such use of collected addresses as well.

Use of the service

Spamhole allows users to subscribe for a two-hour temporary email address. A user is provides his true email address coupled with a "made-up" temporary one. At this point he can go ahead and provide the temporary email where-ever needed, using the Spamhole service to relay any confirmation incoming emails to his regular address.

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