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The Space Gypsy Adventures

The Space Gypsy Adventures are a set of stories first broadcast on British Hospital Radio in 1986 and first published as a cartoon strip in The West Cumberland Times and Star newspaper in 1987. A pilot was also written and recorded for BBC Radio Cumbria in 1987, but was never broadcast owing to budgeting restrictions.

The stories follow the fortunes of two foxes by the names of Gemma and Damien Mildury as they travel around in their space freighter, The Rapscallion, trying to find their parents against the backdrop of an intergalactic war between the Bitlexian Cluster and The Federal Alliance of Planets.

The two foxes find asylum on the neutral planet of Zenophon and are soon befriended by brother and sister Leah and Duke - two collie dogs who run the spaceport next to the city of Drakester. From this safe haven Gemma and Damien set about carving out a living for themselves by buying and selling almost anything they can get their paws on. Gemma also sets about trying to nail Duke, who she fancies from the very first episode.

The two foxes' dealings inevitably land them on the wrong side of the law where they invariably end up being chased by Detective Inspector Spiker (a large alsatian dog) and Detective Constable Bones (a fox with a Galvert 6 (Welsh) accent).

The series has recently gone back into production after a rest of some 17 years. The programme is wholly narrated by John Leeson, who is better known for being the voice of K-9, the robot dog in the BBC-tv sci-fi series Doctor Who.

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