Space Cabby

Space Cabbie

Space Cabbie (also spelled Space Cabby) is a science fiction character that first appeared in Mystery in Space #21 (August 1954). He was series created by Otto Binder and Howard Sherman.

Fictional character biography

The title character is never given a name nor a background. He just drives his cab, which he refers to as his old jalopy, wears a chauffer's cap, picks up his customers and charges them their fares. The only thing that makes him any different from a typical 1950s cab driver is that he drives his taxi through outer space.

Publication history

Space Cabbie first appeared in Mystery in Space #21 (August 1954) in a story scripted by Binder and drawn by Sherman. The character reappeared in issue #24, in the story "The Hitchhiker of Space", written by France E. Herron and again drawn by Sherman, and thereafter became a recurring series in Mystery in Space, the only such in the book for the whole time that the series was being first printed. Besides Binder, Gardner Fox would write many appearances, and artwork was handled by Gil Kane and Bernard Sachs. The Cabbie's monthly series continued to 1958 with Mystery in Space #47; the character's last appearance as a lead feature would be in August 1972 in From Beyond the Unknown #18, a reprint of "The Hitchiker of Space." His last solo appearance in a comic book was in DC Super Stars #6 which was published in August 1976. It was a reprint of a story called "The Luxury Limousine of Space". Otto Binder wrote that story as well.

Space Cabbie has since then made occasional guest appearances in other comics, such as Starman, and DC Comics Presents #78. He also made an appearance in Lobo, oddly enough earning the friendship of the violent barbarian. The Lobo appearance took place in the present instead of Cabbie's own future, something that's still unexplained.

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