Southern Slam Pong

Southern Slam Pong

Southern Slam Pong is a college sport believed to have began in fraternities more than a decade ago. Southern Slam Pong was at first merely an adaption of the widely popular Beer Pong which is pLayed by simply throwing ping pong balls into regulation solo cups of beer. In Beer Pong if you succeed in throwing the ping pong ball into the other team's cup of beer, the opposing team is punished by having to drink said beer. This is the greatest difference in the two sports. While in Beer Pong the punishment is to drink beer, in Slam Pong that is not only your reward, it is ultimately the goal of the game.

Southern Slam Pong as we know it today can be played One VS One, Two VS Two, or for the brave One VS Two. Each players receives one beer with which he/she must play. The official beer of Southern Slam Pong is Keystone Light. The Keystone Light is purchased in thirty packs. Often more than 120 beers, or four thirty packs, are consumed by the Southern Slam Pong players in one tournament.

The object of the game is to hit your opponent's (or your opposing team's) beer can and drink as much out of your beer before he can locate the ball and touch the ball to the table.


  • Each player plays with only one Keystone
  • The Keystone cannot be opened before play (unless previously approved by all players)
  • If the ping pong ball rolls underneath something (a couch, entertainment center) there is a 2 second limit of drinking put on the opposer
  • A ball touching the table will be marked by the word "DOWN!"
  • If the ball slips out of your hand immediately after downing the ball, the opposer can continue drinking
  • No re-throws allowed
  • If you spill your beer or if there is an abundance of foam coming out of your beer, there may be a 3, 2, or 1 second penalty placed upon your depending on the amount of beer spilled
  • Teams cannot be switched mid game
  • The winning team gets to decide whether they would like to choose the ball or the side
  • If there is a debatable amount of beer left, it will be poured into the Turtle, the official shot glass of Southern Slam Pong if it fills up less than half (after the foam has gone down} then the beer is considered to be done


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