South Azerbaijani language

South Azeri language

South Azeri (also known as South Azerbaijani) is a variety of the Azeri language spoken in northwestern Iran and neighboring regions of Iraq and Turkey. Other communities exist in Afghanistan and Syria. Dialects include Aynallu, Karapapakh, Tabriz, Afshari, Shahsavani, Moqaddam, Baharlu, Nafar, Qaragozlu, Pishagchi, Bayat, Qajar. North Azeri uses a Latin script while an Arabic script is used to write South Azeri. South Azeri is influenced by the Persian language while in addition to that North Azeri is influenced by the Russian language. While there is a fair degree of mutual intelligibility, there are also morphological and phonological differences between the two varieties, so much so that ISO 639-3 lists them as two varieties of a single macrolanguage—Azerbaijani.



Further reading

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