Sousa, Martim Afonso de

Sousa, Martim Afonso de

Sousa, Martim Afonso de, 1500?-1564, Portuguese colonial administrator. A military man, he was commissioned in 1530 to drive the French corsairs from the Brazilian coasts and to establish colonies. He succeeded in clearing the coasts, founded the colony of São Vicente, established sugarcane growing, and introduced other crops and cattle. He initiated the successful settlement and colonization of Brazil that was continued by Tomé de Sousa, Mem de , and the Jesuits Manuel de Nóbrega and José de Anchieta.

Martim Afonso de Sousa (1500-1571) was a Portuguese fidalgo and explorer.

Born in Vila Viçosa, he was commander of the first Portuguese expedition into mainland Brazil. Acquired Diu, in India in 1535.

Sousa was the first Royal Governor of Brazil. He settled in the north-east region of the modern country.

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