Soundvision: In Stereo

Soundvision: In Stereo is the debut album from Detroit hip hop duo Lawless Element, released September 20, 2005 on Babygrande Records. The album features production from J Dilla and Madlib, and guest appearances from Dilla, Melanie Rutherford, Phat Kat, Big Tone and Diverse. The duo's earlier singles, "The Shining" and "High" are both featured here, as well as the single "Rules Pt. 2" and remixed versions of their past tracks "Represent" and "...Something".

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Performer (s)
1 "Soundvision" Magnif Magnif, Griot
2 "Crew" Magnif Magnif, P. Dot, Selfsays, Griot
3 "The Shining" J Dilla, Young RJ Magnif, Griot
4 "One Night" Magnif Griot, Melanie Rutherford, Magnif
5 "Rules Pt. 2" Magnif Magnif, Griot
6 "Represent/Motown" Magnif Magnif, Griot, Big Tone, Phat Kat
7 "Love" Magnif Magnif, Griot, J Dilla
8 "Words From Dilla" Magnif J Dilla
9 "High" Madlib Magnif, Griot
10 "...Something (Remix)" Magnif Griot, Diverse, Magnif
11 "Move" Magnif Magnif, Melanie Rutherford, Griot
12 "Higher" Magnif Magnif, Griot

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