Soulmother of Küssnacht


Küssnacht am Rigi (official name since 2004: Küssnacht) is a district and municipality in the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland, consisting of three villages: Küssnacht, Immensee and Merlischachen. It is situated at the north shore of Lake Lucerne and at the south shore of Lake Zug below mount Rigi (1797 m). It is not to be confused with snacht at the north shore of Lake Zurich.


Küssnacht was mentioned first in 830 as Cossiniacum, defining the estate of the Roman Lord Cossinius.

In 1424 Küssnacht became a district of the Canton of Schwyz.

According to the legend of Wilhelm Tell, the hero shot the Austrian bailiff Gessler at the Hohle Gasse near the Gesslerburg with his crossbow.

On August 29, 1935, Queen Astrid of the Belgians was killed here in a road accident. A memorial chapel ("Königin-Astrid-Kapelle") was built at the accident scene.

A well-known folklore event on December 5 each year is the Klausjagen.

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