Sonic Tripod

Sonic Tripod

Sonic Tripod is the second release by Australian Rock/Pop band The Sharp. It was recorded at Platinum Studios in Melbourne, Australia, except for track 10 which was recorded at The Sharp HQ. Charlie and Allen share the vocals fairly evenly on this record with Piet only singing on "Stoplight" and backing vocals on "Crosswired" and "Spider"

Track listing

  1. "Hiding"
  2. "Totally Yeah"
  3. "You're Not Alone"
  4. "Nightclub"
  5. "Somethings Nobody Can Change"
  6. "Honest And Sober"
  7. "Where Am I Now"
  8. "Alone Like Me"
  9. "Stoplight"
  10. "Hermione"
  11. "Feel You Near"
  12. "Crosswired"
  13. "Delicious"
  14. "Spider"
  15. "I'm Awake"
  16. "Ego Explosion"

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