Sonic the Hedgehog Boom

Sonic the Hedgehog Boom

Sonic Boom is a limited edition CD featuring longer tracks from Sonic CD (the US version) and remixed tracks from Sonic Spinball. It was given as a gift to those who pre-ordered the video game, Sonic 3, through Toys "R" Us. It is rare and can occasionally be found on eBay for upwards of $40.

Track listing

  1. Sonic Boom-Opening Theme
  2. Stardust Speedway-Bad Future
  3. Tidal Tempest
  4. Sonic Boom-Closing Theme
  5. Tidal Tempest-Bad Future
  6. Palmtree Panic
  7. Quartz Quadrant
  8. Stardust Present
  9. Tempest Good Future
  10. Quartz Future
  11. Speedway To Good Future
  12. Wacky Workbench
  13. Special Stage
  14. Workbench-Bad Future
  15. Palmtree Party
  16. Workbench Workout
  17. Collision Chaos
  18. Metallic Madness
  19. Robotnik
  20. Spinball Theme
  21. Flight To Volcanic Fortress
  22. Toxic Cave
  23. Lava Powerhouse

Tracks were premastered with QSound.

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