Sonic Mega Collection Plus

Sonic Mega Collection

is a compilation of the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was released for the Nintendo GameCube in North America on December 10, 2002, in Japan on December 19, 2002 and in Europe on March 7, 2003.


Sonic Mega Collection Plus

Sonic Mega Collection Plus (ソニック メガコレクション プラス) is an update of Sonic Mega Collection for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles. A PC version was also released in Europe and North America. This edition includes the addition of six Game Gear games, the two games that were included in the Japanese version of Sonic Mega Collection (The Ooze and Comix Zone), new artwork and movies, a new in-game menu, and a mid-game saving feature. It is, however, missing six Sonic Game Gear games that were included (along with the six included in this collection) in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, but they would later appear in Sonic Gems Collection. In addition, only the final Japanese revision of the original Sonic the Hedgehog is included. The PC version was released on March 9, 2007 in North America. The localization for this version of the game is the European Localization. The original packaging says CD-ROM, but it is instead a DVD-ROM; it will not play in a CD-ROM-only drive. The European packaging does have this mistake as well. The PC version also uses the PAL-50 versions of the Mega Drive games instead of the NTSC-60 ones, causing slower gameplay on some titles.

The following Game Gear games were added:


Reaction was mostly positive. The game sold very well across all platforms attaining Best Seller status: Player's Choice (GameCube), Greatest Hits (PlayStation 2), and Platinum Hits (Xbox).

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