Solstice (film)

Solstice (film)

Solstice is a supernatural thriller feature film, directed by Daniel Myrick. The film was co-written by Myrick, Ethan Erwin and Martin M. Musatov. It stars Hilarie Burton, Shawn Ashmore, Amanda Seyfried, and Elisabeth Harnois. Endgame Entertainment developed, produced, and fully financed the film. The film was straight to DVD and was released on January 1, 2008 in the US and is to be released on October 20, 2008 in the UK.


Megan has been distraught ever since her twin sister Sofie committed suicide just a few months before. When it comes time for their annual trip to the lake house in the bayous of Louisiana with her friends during the summer solstice, Megan reluctantly decides to go. Once the five friends arrive, Megan soon begins to suspect that her dead sister is trying to communicate with her as the solstice draws near; the one time when our world and the next are closest. However, she soon realizes that the presence she feels is not her sister, but something much more sinister. On the day of the solstice, horrific secrets from the past are resurrected... as well as the dead.


Elisabeth Harnois as Megan/Sofie - Main protaganist, travels with her friends to lake house during the summer solstice. She is traumatized because just a few weeks earlier her twin sister Sophie, also played by Elisabeth Harnois, commited suicide. Once she and her friends arrive, she begins to feel a presence she believes to be that of her deceased twin.
Shawn Ashmore as Christian - Former love interest of Sophie, later forms a relationship with Megan.
Tyler Hoechlin as Nick - Local resident of the small Louisiana town, works the register at a local gas station and provides the group with information on voodoo and local superstitions.
Amanda Seyfried as Zoe - Best friend of Megan, goes along with Megan to the house for the summer solstice.
Matt O'Leary as Mark - Seemingly the antagonist, boyfriend of Alicia. Often the foil for the rest of the cast.
Hilarie Burton as Alicia - Friend of both Megan and Sophie, girlfriend of Mark.
R. Lee Ermey as Leonard - Local resident of the small Louisiana town. The group finds his behavior suspicious.
Jenna Hildebrand as Malin - Local girl from the town who suddenly goes missing.

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