Social Credit Party of Ontario

The Social Credit Party of Ontario (SCPO) (also known as the Social Credit Association of Ontario) was a minor political party at the provincial level in the Canadian province of Ontario from the 1940s to the early 1970s. The party never won any seats in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

It espoused social credit theories of monetary reform.

1963 schism

In 1963, was split into two factions. "Social Credit Action" was established by James Audy and David Hartman of Toronto when the SCPO refused to actively campaign in the 1963 provincial election. Audy had been the Social Credit Party of Canada's candidate in Spadina riding in the previous election.

Social Credit Action supported Real Caouette when he took his Ralliement des creditistes out of the Social Credit Party of Canada in September 1963, while the SCPO remained loyal to federal party leader Robert N. Thompson.

Social Credit Action nominated six candidates in ridings in Toronto in the 1963 provincial election, while the SCPO nominated only three candidates in rural ridings. The Social Credit Action candidates included Audy, Hartman and John Ross Taylor.


In 1970, the party was taken over by Paul Fromm and members of the Western Guard who installed John Ross Taylor as the association's president. As a result the party was put under trusteeship at the instigation of Ernest Manning. Taylor continued to lead a splinter Ontario Social Credit Party as a rival to the officially recognized provincial association until 1977 when he became leader of what had become the Western Guard Party.


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