Social pedagogy

Social learning (social pedagogy)

Social learning refers to the acquisition of social competence that happens exclusively or primarily in a social group. Social learning depends on group dynamics. Social learning promotes the development of individual emotional and practical competence as well as the perception of oneself and the acceptance of others with their individual competencies and limitations.

Social pedagogy

Social pedagogy is a branch of upbringing, education and interventions of a welfare state that is meant to increase personal responsibility and self-dependent handling of common circumstances of life. Further goals are the reduction of discriminations and the promotion of social skills required for the participation in societal life and the public sphere. The term "social pedagogy" has been first used in 1844 in an article by Karl Mager in "Pädagogische Revue".

In social pedagogy social learning is seen as a way to overcome hierarchical, linear behaviouristic learning and is supposed to further individual democratic development. A special emphasis is put on the advancement of reason, ethics and moral courage.

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