Sochi Light Metro

Sochi Light Metro

The Sochi Light Metro is a public transportation system under construction in Sochi, Russia, that is slated for completion between 2013 and 2014 in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics in that city.

According to a press release of Sochi Olympics, a light rail system was originally proposed which will span 36 km, but eventually a Russian-style light metro system has been opted. After Moscow's Butovskaya Line and Saint Petersburg's Nadzemny Express, the Sochi Light Metro will be Russia's third light metro, among 11 Russian rail rapid transit systems altogether.

The estimated construction budget is $758,8 million. The system will consist of three interconnected lines, with a total of 86.4 km of track and 24 stations running in a mixture of underground, mountain tunnels, elevated, and at-grade construction:

  • Olympic VillageGrushevaya Polyana, via Sochi International Airport: 49.9 km, 6 stations;
  • Olympic VillageMamayka, via Adler Station and Downtown Sochi (with possible extension to Dagomys and Uch-Dere westwards): 36.3 km, 20 stations;
  • Downtown SochiGrushevaya Polyana, via Adler Station and Sochi International Airport: 69.9 km, 17 stations.

The Sochi Light Metro will operate three-car Rusich trains at headways of four minutes. The total number of trains is expected to be 80 (160-240 cars). At approximately 800 passengers per train with cruise speeds of 60-70 km/h, the Sochi Light Metro is projected to accommodate a maximum system-wide capacity of 70,000 passengers per hour.


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