soapui is a Software Testing Tool for Service Oriented Architecture for the Software Developer. It is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The application and source code is provided on the basis of the Open Source GNU Lesser General Public License. Documentation is available for free and included in the distribution.

The soapui project is lead by the Swedish company eviware software ab.


soapui has the following areas of functionality;

  • Web Service Inspection and Invocation
  • Web Service Functional Testing
  • Web Service Load Testing


soapui is entirely built on the Java Platform and uses Java Swing as GUI. This means the tool is cross-platform.


soapui was initially released September 2005. soapui is the biggest test tool project at Sourceforge as of July 2006. soapui has been downloaded since the release more than 250 000 times.

As of June 2006 an adapted version was introduced as JBossWS Tools and as a part of JBoss IDE. (

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