So Long Ago the Garden

So Long Ago the Garden

So Long Ago The Garden is the title of an album recorded by Larry Norman in 1973. It is the second album in what came to be known as his "trilogy," which began with the album Only Visiting This Planet and concluded with In Another Land. So Long Ago the Garden was controversial because Norman's previously blatant Christian beliefs were more veiled on this album. In the song "Shot Down" from In Another Land, Norman responded to accusations by fellow Christians that he had abandoned his faith in search of fame and fortune.

A version of the song "Christmas Time" originally appeared on the rare album Born Twice, by Norman's friend Randy Stonehill, which Norman had produced back in 1969. On that LP, the song is credited as having been written by Stonehill, but So Long Ago the Garden credits Norman as the writer.


Original LP release

Side 1

  1. Meet Me At The Airport (Fly, Fly, Fly)
  2. It's The Same Old Story
  3. Lonely By Myself
  4. Be Careful What You Sign
  5. Baroquen Spirits

Side 2

  1. Christmas Time
  2. She's A Dancer
  3. Soul Survivor
  4. Nightmare


"Lonely By Myself" was recorded using the same mellotron The Beatles used on "Strawberry Fields Forever" while Paul McCartney was in the next room recording "Live and Let Die."

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