SnugglePuppie (or as is the common mis-spelling Snuggle Puppy) is a brand name for a natural behavior modification product that alleviates stress, trauma and anxiety in pets. SnugglePuppie is a trademark of ChilsonRoth LLC and was invented by Julee Roth in 1996. Snugglepuppie products are sold world-wide.


The SnugglePuppie was invented in 1996 as a stuffed animal with a heart beat and natural heater to calm and soothe crying pets. Through product testing and development, the SnugglePuppie was redesigned in 1998 to included a baby bottle holder for orphaned animals, thus the moniker "virtual Mom".

Winner of many awards and accolades - like Dog Fancy Magazine's Editor's Choice Award and Australia's PIJAC award for Best New Imported Product, the SnugglePuppie treated many animals for behavioral problems like crying and stress-related health concerns. SnuggleKitties, Snuggimals and SnuggleBirdies are comparable products that were also designed and sold since 1996.


The SnugglePuppie was designed for only the first two nights a puppy or kitten is in a new home. Many shelter workers and animal foster care workers want a longer duration battery and heater due to constant use. SnugglePuppie heart batteries and short duration heaters are disposable and thus not environmentally friendly.

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