Slurpee flavors by brand name
Brand name Flavors
Current Flavors
Barq's Crème, Root Beer
Bawls SnoBawls
Coca-Cola Cherry Coke, Coca-Cola Classic, Vanilla Coke
Crystal Light Lemonade, Lemon-lime, Orange Pineapple Ice, Peach Mango, Raspberry Ice, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Banana, Passionfruit, Berry Pomegranate, Cherry Limeade
Dr Pepper Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Vanilla
Fanta Banana, Birch Beer, Blue Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Ginger Ale, Grape, Green Lemon Lime, Green Melon, Kiwi Strawberry, Orange, Orange Cream, Pineapple, Purple Berry Cherry, Mandarine Tangerine, Red Licorice, Super Sour Apple, Super Sour Cherry, Super Sour Watermelon, Vanilla, Watermelon, White Cherry, Wild Cherry, Wild Cherry-Reduced Calorie
Full Throttle Frozen Fury, Blue Demon
Jolly Rancher Green Apple
Hawaiian Punch Regular, Green Berry Rush
Gatorade Gridiron Ice (orange)
The Hershey Company Bubble Yum
Master Chill Bruisin Berry, Sour Green
Mello Yello Mello Yello
Minute Maid Blue Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Lemonade, Orange, Passionfruit Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry
Monster Energy Black Ice
Mountain Dew Mountain Dew, Code Red, Livewire (Orange), Pitch Black (Grape), Kryptonite Ice (lime-ish), Blue Shock (Blue Raspberry), Game Fuel (Citrus-Cherry), AMP Freez
Pepsi Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Blue
Sierra Mist Sierra Mist, Shrekalicious
Sprite Remix
Starburst (confectionery) Dragon Fruit
Twizzler Twizzler
Tropicana Blue Raspberry Rush
Other flavors Piña Colada, Grapermelon, Frawg, Honeycomb, Blue Meanie (Australia). Arctic Burst, Gully Washer, StrawberrWii Banana, Blue Woo-Hoo! Vanilla (in tie in with The Simpsons Movie), Mango Bango Totally Wild Tea, Slurpuccino

A Slurpee is a frozen carbonated beverage sold by 7-Eleven. In 1967, 7-Eleven licensed the product from the ICEE Company, and began selling it as the Slurpee. Slurpee is a registered trademark of the 7-Eleven Corporation.

7-Eleven currently sources their FCB equipment from supplier FBD and previously from suppliers IMI Cornelius and the Taylor Company.

The Slurpee machine has a dispenser knob for each flavor at the front of a tumbler or freezer, where patrons pour their own Slurpees. When Slurpees were first introduced, the dispensing machine was located behind the counter, and the clerk on duty would be tasked with dispensing the product. Common flavors are frozen Coke and cherry, but new flavors are introduced regularly. In the early days, flavors rotated much more vigorously than in modern times.

In the summer of 2006, 7-Eleven re-designed their cups to appeal more to young adults and teenagers to compete with the rising energy drink market. New signs and banners supported the change with lines such as "Mountain Dew Livewire: Shocking, like your report card."

Worldwide consumption

7-Eleven stores are a franchise, and Slurpees are offered in many but not all covered countries.

Canadians purchase an average of 30 million drinks per year. Despite its status as the coldest city in the world with a population of over 600,000, Winnipeg, Manitoba was crowned the Slurpee Capital of the world for the ninth time in a row in 2008. In Manitoba, 7-Eleven stores across the province sell an average of 8,330 Slurpee drinks per month. The rest of Canada sells an average of 5,990, which makes Manitobans the world leader of Slurpee sales.

Though it is known to be sold in Mexico, it is not sold in most standard 7-Elevens.

Kennewick, Washington is vying for the crown of Slurpee capital of the world. The city of 54,693 people (as of 2000 census) has now held the record for 6 out of the last 9 months in 2008. The store in Kennewick achieved the status of most Slurpees sold in the U.S in 2007.

Dietary Information

Many Slurpee flavors are certified kosher "parve" as well as halal. The Diet Pepsi flavor uses sodium caseinate as an anti-freezing agent (sugar is a natural anti-freeze in other flavors) which only gives it the status of kosher dairy. The Piña Colada flavor, however, is not kosher.


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