Slips and Tangles

Slips and Tangles

Slips and Tangles is a rare early demo cassette by John K. Samson, released in 1993 when he was a member of Propagandhi. The title track was later rerecorded by Samson's later band The Weakerthans, on their 2000 album Left and Leaving. Samson also rerecorded six tracks on his 1995 EP Little Pictures, which was re-released in 2006.

The album can be found in MP3 format on Internet filesharing networks, although as a cassette dub the sound quality of the files is not particularly good.

Track listing

  1. "Slips and Tangles"
  2. "Greenest Eyes"
  3. "Airport Lounge"
  4. "Unearthly Refrain"
  5. "Happy Song"
  6. "Sunday Afternoon"
  7. "Summer Rain"
  8. "Farewell Faded Memory"
  9. "Velveteen"
  10. "Maryland Bridge"
  11. "Sympathetic Smile"
  12. "Saint Cecilia"
  13. "Little Pictures"
  14. "A Story You Have Heard Before"
  15. "Agonistes"

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