Slimey Things

Slimey Things

Slimey Things is a six-piece band from Sydney, Australia, whose music is generally labelled as pop/rock, although they include many elements from other musical genres. They are known for their catchy melodies, science-fiction themed lyrics, unusual time signatures and energetic performances.

Band history

Slimey Things were formed in 2001 by composer Nick Soole while studying at the University of Western Sydney.

Shortly after they recorded their demo EP Brainiac.

In 2005, after a brief break and a line-up change, they released their debut EP, Spacetoast. It was co-produced by Paul Searles of Skunkhour fame.

A new album and DVD, Made By Robots For Robots, is due in 2008, with tour plans shortly after.

As well as being involved in Slimey Things, the members are busy with numerous other acts, and have performed with groups and musicians such as experimental improvisation orchestra The Splinter Orchestra, David Helfgott, Darth Vegas, Rica Tetas, Extended Family, Club Havana and many more.

Band members

Current members

Former members


  • Brainiac (demo, 2001 - as '1000 Slimey Things')
  • Live @ Generate (UWS Compilation, 2002 - as '1000 Slimey Things')
  • Spacetoast (EP 2005)
  • Made By Robots For Robots (album/DVD, scheduled mid-late 2008)


  • The band was originally called '1000 Slimey Things', which founder Nick Soole decided to change after people began to pronounce the name incorrectly. Also fans found it easier to abbreviate the name to "Slimey Things".
  • The original name is a reference to Rime of the Ancient Mariner written by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
  • At live performances, post the release of 'Spacetoast', a toaster has appeared somewhere on-stage

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