Slept on Sunday

Slept on Sunday

Slept on Sunday was a band formed in 1998 by Nic Wilson and Kate Gorman, who were only 10 and 8 at the time. The two drew influence from a wide range or musicians such as The Beatles and Nirvana, all the way to Mayhem and Joni Mitchell.


The two started out with one acoustic guitar and one electric, writing songs of startling maturity, with a firm grasp on song structure and lyrical meter, as well as innovative chord progressions and haunting melodies. The two started playing shows in their hometown of Norfolk, Rhode Island under the name "The Kate Gorman and Nic Wilson Trio" to much acclaim. It wasn't long before the band was being courted by major labels. The two shunned the attention, in hopes to grow as a band before they became too popular to manage the pressure. Shortly after the recording of their first album, Swing Gang, the band decided on a new name: Slept on Sunday. The name was a reference to the show they missed after staying up all night recording the album. After the initial independent pressing of the album, the two added three other members as tour support and headed out on a six-month tour of the United States with the up and coming indie band Commander Venus. The tour took the band to twenty-three states with over one hundred shows played.


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