Slaughter On 10th Avenue

Slaughter on 10th Avenue (Mick Ronson album)

Slaughter on 10th Avenue is an album by Mick Ronson, released in 1974.

Track listing

  1. "Love Me Tender" (Ken Darby)
  2. "Growing Up and I'm Fine" (David Bowie)
  3. "Only After Dark" (Mick Ronson, Scott Richardson)
  4. "Music Is Lethal" (David Bowie, Lucio Battisti)
  5. "I'm the One" (Annette Peacock)
  6. "Pleasure Man/Hey Ma Get Papa" (Mick Ronson, Scott Richardson, David Bowie)
  7. "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" (Richard Rodgers)

Bonus Tracks

  1. "Solo on 10th Avenue" (Richard Rodgers) [Live]
  2. "Leave My Heart Alone" (Craig Fuller) [Original B-Side - Live]
  3. "Love Me Tender" [Live]
  4. "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" [Live]


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