slackpkg is a tool for installing or upgrading packages automatically through a network or over the Internet for Slackware. slackpkg is included in the /extra subdirectory of the Slackware install CDs and FTP mirrors as of Slackware 9.1 and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

slackpkg is an automated package management tool written for Slackware as a bash shell script, like Swaret. It was designed to make a Slackware system administrator's job easier by allowing routine package management tasks to be accomplished in a single command. slackpkg does not replace the Slackware package management tools such as installpkg and upgradepkg; rather it uses them.

Some of the features of slackpkg include automated package installation, upgrading and searching. Many of these features, such as package deinstallation, can be performed more directly by using the Slackware package tools themselves, though their incorporation in slackpkg provides a more consistent user interface.

More complete documentation is available in the slackpkg man page.

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