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Skyblue Mesa Elementary

Skyblue Mesa Elementary School is an elementary school in the Santa Clarita Valley. It's grades range from K-6. It is in the Saugus Union School District


Skyblue Mesa's Campus includes approximately 35 classrooms, a computer lab that has a class set of Compaq computers, a complete library which has 6 research computers, a new multi-purpose room opened in January 2008, which boasts a state-of-the-art sound system. A two story building was also constructed in 2007 and houses several classrooms and a workroom for teachers. The upper-grade classrooms also have 6 computers for educational purposes.


Teachers on Special Assignment
K-Sky Global 6
K-Sky Global 6 is a news-style daily broadcast at Skyblue Mesa which is run completely by students. Children on Student Council serve as anchors, while select students from grades 4-6 operate the production equipment, which includes a lavalier microphone, a media cart, sound board, and a video camera. The news report includes birthdays of the staff and students at Skyblue Mesa, a weather report, special sayings and reminders, a trivia question, and a flag salute. It is broadcasted live into every classroom on the campus. The operation is overseen by Arlene Anderson and Susie Miyauchi. This project has been mentioned in the Santa Clarita Signal several times.

School Colors

Skyblue Mesa colors are sky-blue and white.

School History

The school was opened in 1965 at 28040 Hardesty St. in Canyon Country, CA.


Skyblue Mesa has received the California Distinguished School in the years 2004, 1995, and 1987. This school has been a subject for the Santa Clarita Signal numerous times.


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