Skullbuster is the name of three super villains in the Marvel Comics Universe. The original Skullbuster first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #229 (May 1988) and was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri.

Skullbuster I

The cyborg Skullbuster was a member of the original Reavers, a gang of cyborgs living in a ghost town in Australia, who perpetrated robberies across the globe. Skullbuster, as well as Pretty Boy and Bonebreaker, avoided being sent through the Siege Perilous along with the other Reavers after being defeated by the X-men. Under the leadership of Donald Pierce, the remaining Reavers allied themselves with Lady Deathstrike and her minions and began training to defeat the X-men. The Reavers never ended up battling the X-men but encountered Wolverine, beat him half to death, and then crucified him. After Wolverine escaped, the Reavers attacked Muir Island where Skullbuster was shot and seemingly killed by Forge. Skullbuster was not seen again for several years and Pierce recruited the badly injured Cylla Markham giving her cybernetic enhancements and the code name Skullbuster. When Lady Deathstrike kidnaped Milo Thurman, the mutant mercenary known as Domino tracked them down and subsequently battled Deathstrike, Pierce, and Skullbuster. Pierce revealed that he resurrected Skullbuster by copying his cybernetic mainframe. Skullbuster whereabouts are unknown since his encounter with Domino. When the Reavers and the Shadow King battled the X-treme X-men, a new Skullbuster was present and there was no mention of the original.

Cylla Markham Skullbuster II

Formerly a pilot, Cylla agreed to help Banshee and Forge in finding their missing teammates, but the plane was shot down by Fenris. Fatally injured, Cylla was rushed to a hospital and was invited by Donald Pierce to join him in exchange for her health. She agreed to become a cyborg, joining Pierce's Reavers. Though she was replacing the original Skullbuster, Cylla mainly went by her real name. Her first mission brought her into contact with Wolverine, and she was defeated through the combined efforts of Jubilee and Yukio. After the supposed deaths of the other Reavers, Cylla and Lady Deathstrike fled. Cylla later resurfaced, allying herself with Bloodscream in an attempt to murder Wolverine. However, Bloodscream betrayed her and sucked the life from her, killing her.

Skullbuster III

Outside of her membership with the Reavers, little has been revealed about Skullbuster III. She participated in Shadow King’s failed attack on the X-treme X-men and after being defeated was handed over to the police.

Powers and abilities

Like the other members of the Reavers, Skullbuster is a cyborg and has bionic implants that augment strength, stamina, leaping, and reflexes beyond the levels of a normal human.

The implants of Skullbuster I also include infrared optic scanners, a plasma grenade launcher, and machine guns.
The implants of Skullbuster II also include steel wrist claws, an on-board targeting computer, a plasma blaster, and thermite launchers.
The implants of Skullbuster III also absorb the energy from attacks and power sources.


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