Skindred is a Welsh rock band from Newport. They are best known for their musical style, which mixes heavy metal, punk rock and reggae, which the group refers to as "Ragga metal".

Band history

1999 - 2002

The band was originally formed by Dan Pugsley (bass) and Benji Webbe (lead vocals) Webbe and Pugsley (founder members of the Skindred) enlisted the help of Jeff Rose and Ginge Martyn Ford who were in the band Dub War along with Webbe, Benji and Dan after spending 2 years trying out different guitarists and drummers were approched by Jeff and Ginge who offered to wrote and performed with them, that was first line up of Skindred, but now Benji, is the only previous member of Dub War left. Despite the similarities between the two bands, it is important to note that Benji is frequently cited as saying Skindred was a project born out of jams between him and Dan, and not a reformation of Dub War. The first song Benji and Dan wrote was "Brainkiller", after which they worked on more demos such as "The Champions" and "Ruff Neck".

During the first couple of years, Skindred were unsigned. They toured the UK supporting bands like Earthtone9, One Minute Silence and Lostprophets.

They eventually signed a deal with Sony-owned label RCA Records and went into the studio to record their debut album, Babylon, in 2002.

Babylon was finally released on July 3, 2002 to much critical acclaim. Despite the positive reaction, RCA pulled the album around a month later, and Skindred was left to look for a new label. This ultimately led to guitarist Jeff Rose and drummer Martyn "Ginge" Ford leaving the band in November of 2002. The pair now co-own the Newport based Nott-In-Pill Studios.

2002 - present

In October Jeff was replaced by Mikey Demus on guitar and Ginge by Arya on drums. Arya had previously played in metal band Torna-K and Lamb Quartet.

With this new line-up and a new deal with US label Bieler Bros., the band embarked on yet more touring, something for which they always had an excellent reputation. Babylon was then to see the first (of several) re-release in 2003.

In 2004, Babylon was re-released again, this time with new artwork and some newly recorded tracks. The band appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in Dec 2004, playing Nobody Live. The show went out to 6 million viewers.

The latest re-release featured a bonus disc of extra material comprising of acoustic versions of their songs "Start First", "Pressure", "Set it Off" and "Nobody". Also included on the main CD was a new song "We Want". Recognition was gained when they supported Soulfly and Pitchshifter and Reel Big Fish on their 2006 UK tours and InMe at their gig at the London Astoria in 2005. The band has also toured in the USA with HIM, Korn, Warped Tour 2005, Sevendust, Papa Roach and Breaking Benjamin.

In late 2006 the band headed out on their Jungle Bells UK tour, on which they were supported by Dub Trio for the first half of the tour, a new track called 'Roots Rock Riot' was previewed on some dates of the tour.

Skindred began recording their long-awaited second album, titled Roots Rock Riot, on January 4, 2007, and it has since been completed. It was released on October 23, 2007 in the US, and released on October 29, 2007 in the UK, through Bieler Bros. The first single, "RatRace" is available on the band's profiles on ReverbNation and MySpace It has also been released on a Skindred E-Card which also contains a lo-fi sample of "Destroy The Dancefloor" from Roots Rock Riot.

The album was recorded at Bieler Bros. Studios in Pompano Beach, Florida, produced by Matt Squire (Panic! at the Disco), and mixed by Rick Will (who also mixed Skindred's debut album, Babylon). The album features twelve tracks including "RatRace". The official album launch party was held on September 20 at the Scala club in London, UK.

In early 2008 Skindred supported Bullet For My Valentine on their Scream Aim Fire tour until unfortunately the drummer caused himself an injury and they pulled out for a few live gigs.

After Arya had a month off recovering Skindred went on to support Gogol Bordello on their USA and European tour, in May 2008 they went out on their own headline tour of the UK their first since Dec 2006, Skindred played an amazing set at Download festival 2008 in the UK and continued on to play numerous festivals around the world from Summer sonic in Japan to the Snickers extreme sports festival in Moscow Russia.

Skindred has been called the best live act in Britain by many British music Magazines.

At a recent show in Exeter, Skindred revealed that they would be shooting a live DVD the next time that they played in Exeter.

Skindred, have just wrapped up filming the video for their new single, "Trouble". Filmed in London at Greenford Studios, the video was helmed by Ray Moody of Visual Abuse. Moody's previous credits include visual effects on the Academy Award winning, "Saving Private Ryan," the first four "Harry Potter" films, as well as over 600 commercials including promos for Keane, Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails.

"Trouble" will impact radio on September 23rd with the video expected to make its world premiere shortly after.

In a recent annoucement it was revealed that Skindred would be playing the Eastpak Antidote Tour with Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and Time Again that starts in Novemeber 2008.

The band has a golliwog doll, known as "Mr. C," as the band's mascot, attached to the cymbal on the front of the drum kit.



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