Skeleton Key (EP)

Skeleton Key (EP)

Skeleton Key is the third EP by The Coral. The EP was released in 2002. This EP was The Coral's first release through Sony. The EP came with a Coral sticker.
It also features the Skeleton Key video in both large and small formats as well as the lyrics to Skeleton Key in a karaoke style presentation. Extra Features section contains various video clips, including a video of their tour to Paris, a live performance of Dressed Like A Cow, a clip of the band rehearsing and a 40 second clip where the band play a Dreaming Of You. It also contains 5 photos taken by K. Power.

Track listing

UK Edition

  1. "Skeleton Key" - 3:06 (J. Skelly, Power)
  2. "Dressed Like A Cow" - 2:54 (J. Skelly, Power)
  3. "Darkness" - 3:28 (J. Skelly)
  4. "Sheriff John Brown" - 6:53 (J. Skelly)

US Edition

  1. "Skeleton Key" - 3:06 (J. Skelly, Power)
  2. "The Oldest Path" - 2:55
    • Produced and Mixed by King Bird
  3. "God Knows" - 3:19
    • Produced by Pat O'Shaunessy, Mixed by Mike Hunter
  4. "Darkness" - 3:28 (J. Skelly)
  5. "Sheriff John Brown" - 6:53 (J. Skelly)


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