Skedsmo is a municipality in the county of Akershus, Norway.

Skedsmo was established as a municipality January 1, 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). Lørenskog and Lillestrøm was separated from Skedsmo as municipalities of their own January 1, 1908. Lillestrøm was, however, again merged with Skedsmo January 1, 1962.

The centre of Skedsmo is Lillestrøm which has status as a city and about 1/3 of the population of Skedsmo. Other important towns are Skedsmokorset, Skjetten and Strømmen. A smaller settlement adjoining Lillestrøm is Kjeller.

In this area, the tribe of Raumas fought against King Olav Haraldsson, patron saint of Norway, in 1028. The area has become an important part of Norway's industrial history. Strømmen Verksted built the country's first trains, at Kjeller airplanes were constructed up to World War II, the sawmills at Lillestrøm processed lumber from the great forests, and a number of other entreprises have been important.

The local newspaper is Romerikes Blad (circulation 39,139 in 2004). The paper comes out daily.

The name

The municipality (originally the parish) is named after the old farm Skedsmo (Norse Skeiðsmór), since the first church was built here. The first element is the genitive case of skeið n 'running track for horseracing', the last element is mór m 'heath, moor'.


The coat-of-arms is from modern times (1974). It shows three silver horseheads in a red field. (See above under the name.)

(See also the coat-of-arms of Ski.)

People from Skedsmo

See People from Skedsmo

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