Skate tricks

Flow on Mic, Skate on Board

Flow on Mic, Skate on Board' is about a two friends, one who dreams to become a rapper, and the other to become a skateboarder. Allen "Yung Jay" Johnson and Ian Lastie "Lil'E" Cole two real life rappers doing a movie about, Friendship, Rhyming, and Skate tricks.


After being robbed and getting shot in the chest, Jay, moves to Virginia with his mom to stay with there relatives. As Jay goes to a new school, meets a new friend, Thomas, who's a pre-teen pro skateboarder, he tries get money so he can record his demo all over again after it getting it stolen, but when there is a skating competition for a 10,000 and a chance to be in Lupe Fiasco's new video everything changes. At the end, Thomas skating team win, and Lupe Fiasco finds Jay's rhyme book and he lets him be in his video to rap.


Jay: Is an upcoming pre-teen rapper, who gets shot and he moves to Virginia with his grandparents and mother to start a better life there.

Thomas: Is an upcoming pre-teen skateboarder, who thinks he's a pro at skating and becomes best friends with Jay.

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