Sirasa Dancing Stars

Sirasa Dancing Stars

Sirasa Dancing Stars is a Sri Lankan reality dance show broadcasted by Sirasa TV. It went on air on February 9, 2008. It won the award for the most popular program in Srilanka earlier this year. It's yet another creation of Mr. Susara Dinal, who also created Sirasa Superstar season 1; Season 2; And Sirasa Kumariya which were some of the most popular programs when they were broadcasted on Sirasa tv. Many stars have given there utmost support to make this show a success.

Judging by the so called response the Dancing Stars has received from people, time has come to do a reality check on what makes a popular tv programme. If TV channels improve their ratings by making these type of programmes, it demonstrates the key difference between a popular programme and a quality programme. There was nothing good about the Dancing Star, starting from the stage setting (just like a Vesak Thorana) to the presenter (like a programmed Robot). What these TV programs are doing is, they try to exploit the lack of openness in the society (since they can't make/air "R" rated/sexually explicit programs). Obviously some people love such programs as this is the only way can get a sexual kick. What is happening to People of Sri Lanka, Can't they differentiate a quality programme from crappy semi porn? Don't private TV channels have any social responsibility at all? Only thing they want is to make a buck?


  • Mrs.Malini Fonseka
  • Mrs.Rosie Senanayake
  • Mr.Ravindra Randeniya
  • An invitee every week


Nirosha Perera
Suraj Mapa

Season synopses

Season 1

{|class="wikitable" align="right" style="margin-left: 10px;" | colspan="2" style="background:#cedff2; text-align:center;" |Sirasa Dancing Stars | Season 1 (2008) |- | Dushyanth Weeraman & Hashini | Winner |- | Nilanthi Dias & Nalin | Runner-up |- | Roshan Ranwana & Sheryl | July 13 |- | Saliya Sathyajith & Rohini | July 13 |-

 Nilanthi Dias & Nalin
 July 6

| Nehara Peiris & Asanga | June 29 |- | Anusha Damayanthi & Rashika | June 22 |- | Upekhsha Swarnamali & Sahan | June 8 |- | Yureni Noshika & Chamika | June 1 |- | Ranjan Ramanayake & Shaheema | May 25 |-

 Nehara peiris & Asanga
 May 18

| Shiroshi Romeshika & Lucky | May 11 |- | Janith Wickramage & Shanika | May 4 |- | Anton Jude & Kathija | April 27 |-

Male Participants & their Partners who got into the Final 12

  • Saliya Sathyajith & Rohini
  • Dushyanth Weeraman & Hashini
  • Ranjan Ramanyake & Shaheema
  • Janith Wickramage & Shanika
  • Anton Jude & Kathija
  • Roshan Ranawana & Sheryl

Female Participants and their Partners who got into the Final 12

  • Anusha Damayanthi & Rashika
  • Nilanthi Dias & Nalin
  • Shiroshi Romeshika & Lucky
  • Upeksha Swarnamali & Sahan
  • Yureni Noshika & Chamika
  • Nehara Peiris & Asanga

Final 12

  • 01. Dushyanth Weeraman & Hashini - Winner
  • 02. Nilanthi Dias & Nalin - Runner-up
  • 03. Roshan Ranawana & Sheryl (Eliminated On The 13th July)

    Saliya Sathyajith & Rohini Had To Leave Sirasa Dancing Stars As Saliya
    Sathyajith Was Hospitalized Due To An Injury. Nilanthi Dias & Nalin Were Taken Back To
    The Competition To Replace Saliya Sathyajith & Rohini Since She Was The Last Star To
    Be Eliminated.

  • 04. Nilanthi Dias & Nalin (Eliminated On The 6th July)
  • 05. Nehara Pieris & Asanga (Eliminated On The June)
  • 06. Upeksha Swarnamali & Sahan (Eliminated On The 8th June)
  • 06. Anusha Damayanthi & Rashika (Eliminated On The 22nd June)

    Seven Eliminated Cotestants Were Given a Chance For One Star To Join The Top 5
    Contestants.(Ranjan Ramanayake, Upeksha Swarnamali,Anton Jude Did Not Participate)
    Nehara Pieris & Asanga Was Voted For The Next Round.

  • 07. Yureni Noshika & Chamika (Eliminated On The 1st June)
  • 08. Ranjan Ramanayake & Shaheema (Resigned On The 25th May)

09. Nehara Peiris & Asanga (Eliminated On The 18th May)

  • 10. Shiroshi Romeshika & Lucky (Eliminated On The 11th May)
  • 11. Janith Wickramage & Shanika (Eliminated On The 4th May)
  • 12. Anton Jude & Kathija (Eliminated On The 27th April)


Note: I would like add that it is a belief among not only Sri Lankans but many other nations that Sri Lankan stars cannot dance. But these stars who have come to the competition have shown courage in competing, and shown the world that Sri Lankan stars can indeed dance,that they are diverse by successfully dancing to a given theme. I would add that even though I myself was a bit sceptical at the beginning, wasn't a huge fan of Super Star or Sirasa Kumariya, but this has brought a lot of talent out. Even though Dushyanth is imitating MJ style he has performed some really good dances. Latin American, Indian plus he has great synchronization and chemistry with his partner which I think are qualities that a dance should possess. I think the most two deserving are in the finals.

The reviewer writes back...

Almost all of the contestants among the top 10 had great synchronization and chemistry with their partners and it would be quite tactless to say that one was superior to the others. However, in terms of creativity,originality and appropriateness, Dushyanth failed in many situations,i'm afraid in the eyes of creative people. What is more, it seems that Dushyanth has forgotten what a contest means in the world of gentlemen and women as he got some professional artists to support him once, i doubt may be because he is so much obsessed with the 'uncivilised' hip-hop culture. This was in fact brought to our notice by one of the judges,by making a bold comment on it, for what we should be grateful to her.

I agree. It wasn't ethical for him to have brought in other stars, but then it should have also been the responsibility of SIRASA TV to have put rules as to what is acceptable and what is not as far the show is concerned. I am also glad that a judge made that comment so to acknowledge the fact. However I still believe that even to imitate someone like MJ who is so versatile is such a talent. All around the world a lot of people do it. What makes as far as I see Dushyanth special is that he always tries to make it his own. If you have ever followed the show "Britains' Got Talent" the semi finalist of the last season was also someone like Dushyanth who learnt from the MJ style but made it his own with his partner. (Signature)

All in all the show has brought in and showed that Sri Lankan stars have talent. Not only in Sri Lanka but all around the world people have followed the show with great interest. Whoever wins the show have proved to the world that our stars can sing, act and dance. Thanks for putting this wiki together.

Air Times

Saturdays and Sundays at 9.00 pm on Sirasa tv.

Final round - July 24th 2008. Watch SIRASA TV - Live

Sirasa Dancing Stars - Grand Finale (24th of July 2008)

Watch Sirasa Dancing Stars - Grand Finale (Complete TV Show)
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