Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, 1859-1930, British author and creator of Sherlock Holmes, b. Edinburgh. Educated at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, he received a medical degree in 1881. In 1887 the first Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet, appeared in Beeton's Christmas Annual. Doyle abandoned his medical practice in 1890 and devoted his time to writing. Other works that involve the sleuthing of the great detective include The Sign of the Four (1890), The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1894), The Hound of the Baskervilles (1902), The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1905), His Last Bow (1917), and The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes (1927). The brilliant and theatrical Holmes solves all his extraordinarily complex cases through ingenious deductive reasoning. His sober, credulous companion, Dr. Watson, narrates most of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The Holmes cult has given rise to several notable clubs, of which the Baker Street Irregulars is perhaps the most famous. Doyle also wrote historical romances, including Micah Clarke (1889) and The White Company (1891). His play A Story of Waterloo (1894) was one of Sir Henry Irving's notable successes. Doyle also wrote two political pamphlets justifying Great Britain's actions in the South African War. In his later years he became an ardent spiritualist and wrote a History of Spiritualism (1926). He was knighted in 1902.

See his autobiography (1924); The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Reader (2002), ed. by J. and V. Meyers; biographies by O. Dudley-Edwards (1983), J. D. Carr (1949, repr. 1987), and D. Stashower (1999); studies by J. E. Holroyd (1959), V. Starrett (rev. ed. 1960), and T. Hall (1979).

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World is a syndicated television series loosely based on the 1912 novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World. Premiered in the fall of 1999, it ran for three seasons before it was cancelled in 2002 after funding for a fourth season fell through. All three seasons were released in DVD box sets through 2004. The series continued to be syndicated in the United States on the cable television station TNT at 5:00AM EST Monday through Friday, until eventually that came to an end as well.


At the dawn of the 20th century, a band of adventurers, led by adventurer and scholar Professor Edward Challenger, embark on an expedition to prove the existence of a lost world isolated from the rest of the modern world. The British expedition team consisting of a mismatched group of enthusiasts, all with less than selfless reasons for making the journey begin their trip under less than ideal conditions. The intrepid band consists of:

  • Professor George Edward Challenger (Peter McCauley) — leader of the expedition, who hopes to prove his claims to the skeptical London Zoological Society;
  • Professor Arthur Summerlee (Michael Sinelnikoff) — the elderly member of the band and a colleague to George Challenger, who does not believe Challenger's claim about there being a lost world.
  • Marguerite Krux (Rachel Blakely) — the selfish financier of the expedition who goes along for her own reasons;
  • Lord John Richard Roxton (William Snow) — the nobleman with vast hunting experience, serves as protector of the group;
  • Edward "Ned" T. Malone (David Orth) — an American newspaper reporter, hoping to make a name for himself and impress his girl back home, if he survives the ordeal.

During their journey disaster strikes and their hot air balloon crashes in the uncharted Amazon jungle, where they end up on the prehistoric plateau. There they find themselves trapped and isolated in this dangerous land. The group is assisted by a young jungle-savvy woman named Veronica Layton (Jennifer O'Dell) whose parents disappeared ten years prior. Her family was part of a research group that became isolated and then lost under mysterious circumstances. Together - along with a young woman from the future named Finn (Lara Cox) who joins the band near the end of the third season - the group fights to survive against the fearsome dinosaurs, tribal headhunters, vicious ape men, and other terrifying perils as they search for a way to escape.



Cells left-aligned, table centered>
Episode #
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
1 The Journey Begins (Pilot pt. 1) All or Nothing Out of the Blue
2 Stranded (Pilot pt. 2) Amazons The Travelers
3 More Than Human Tourist Season An Eye for an Eye
4 Nectar Stone Cold True Spirit
5 Cave of Fear Divine Right The Knife
6 Salvation Skin Deep Fire in the Sky
7 Blood Lust London Calling Dead Man's Hill
8 Out of Time The Prisoner Hollow Victory
9 Paradise Found The Games A Witch's Calling
10 The Beast Within The Source Brothers in Arms
11 Creatures of the Dark Trophies Ice Age
12 Tribute Voodoo Queen The End Game
13 Absolute Power The Guardian Phantoms
14 Camelot Under Pressure The Secret
15 Unnatural Selection The Outlaw Finn
16 Time After Time Quality of Mercy Suspicion
17 Prodigal Father Mark of the Beast The Imposters
18 Birthright Survivors The Elixir
19 Resurrection The Pirate's Curse Tapestry
20 The Chosen One The Visitor Legacy
21 Prophecy A Man of Vision Trapped
22 Barbarians at the Gate Into the Fire Heart of the Storm
Series Finale

DVD releases

Image Entertainment has released all three seasons of The Lost World on DVD in Region 1.

DVD Name Ep # Release Date
Season 1 22 January 27 2004
Season 2 22 April 20 2004
Season 3 22 November 16 2004


Lara Cox appeared in the second half of the third season as Finn, but was never given credit in the opening credits.

William deVry played Ed Malone in the two-hour telefilm that preceded the series (the film was split into two episodes for syndication purposes). David Orth took over the role at the start of the series proper.

The character of Arthur Summerlee, as portrayed by Michael Sinelnikoff, was killed off in the first season finale, but returned once as a ghost during Season 2.

During the third season both David Orth and Jennifer O'Dell were absent from the series for several consecutive episodes, due in part to financial constraints.

The show was primarily filmed in Gold Coast, near Sydney, Australia.


The producers of the show have revealed some details of the proposed fourth season from 2002. If the subsequent season had been produced, fans would have learned that Professor Arthur Summerlee was indeed alive, residing in Avalon. Avalon, near the border of the Plateau, is where Veronica's surviving mother Abigail Layton had become the Plateau's protector soon after her disappearance. She became the ruler of Avalon and had left behind a triangle artifact - the Trion - for her daughter Veronica to find. Veronica was to become the new Protector of the Plateau. Her treehouse dwelling was apparently the epicenter of the entire Plateau. The new season would have also revealed that Marguerite and Roxton were always meant to be together.


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