Siobhán McKenna


Siobhán is a female Irish given name pronounced 'shi-VAWN' (). It is ultimately derived from Hebrew words which meant "God is gracious". Alternative spellings of Siobhán include Siavon, Siobhan, Siobhain, Siobhann, Siobhon, Siovhan, Shivaune, Shivaun, Shavon, Sioban, Shivonne, Shvaugn, Shvaughn, Shavaughn, Shavaugn, Shavone and Chevonne. Its English equivalent is Joan.

Siobhán is derived from the French name Jeanne, the feminine form of Jean (which is derived from the Hebrew language). It was introduced to Ireland when the Normans ruled the country. The name fell out of use when the Penal Laws outlawed the use of the Irish language. Its popularity increased in the mid twentieth century, along with many other Irish names like Áine and Aoife. The popularity of the actress Siobhán McKenna (1923-1986) also helped the resurgence of the name.



  • Siobhan, a Celtic Punk band from Ottawa, best known for obscenity-laced tirades against their audiences


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