Sinope, in astronomy, one of the 39 known moons, or natural satellites, of Jupiter.

(born , Sinope, Paphlygonia—died circa 320 BC, probably Corinth) Greek philosopher, principal member of the Cynics. He is credited by some with originating the Cynic way of life, but he himself acknowledged his debt to Antisthenes (circa 445–365 BC). He conveyed the Cynic philosophy by personal example rather than through any system of thought. He strove to destroy social conventions (including family life) as a way of returning to a “natural” life. To this end he lived as a vagabond pauper, sleeping in public buildings and begging for food. He also advocated shamelessness (performing harmless unconventional actions), outspokenness, and training in austerity.

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Sinope can be confused with the spelling Sinop

Sinope can refer to:

It also helps refer to various people associated with the city:

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