Siner, Chuvash Republic

Seener (Синерь; Синер) is a village in Alikovsky District of the Chuvash Republic, Russia, located near the district's administrative center of Alikovo and near the Cheboksary–Alikovo–Krasnye Chetai and Cheboksary–Alikovo–Yadrin auto routes. Population: 135, mostly Chuvash females; 248 (1926); 224 (1907); 156 (1859).

Two small rivers—Abashyrma and Khelkassy—flow in the vicinity of the village. The village only has one street (Kooperativnaya).

The climate is moderately continential, with long cold winters and warm summers. Average January temperature is , average July temperature—. Absolute recorded minimum temperature is , while the absolute recorded maximum is . Annual average precipitation is up to .

Etimology and history

Until 1927, Siner was a part of Alikovskaya volost of Yadrinsky uyezd. On November 1, 1927, the village became a part of Alikovsky District. It was transferred to Vurnarsky District on December 20, 1962, but was returned back to Alikovsky District on March 14, 1965.

Notable people


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