Sindelfingen is a town in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It lies 15 km southwest of Stuttgart. The economy is mostly based upon the automobile industry, especially the Daimler AG factory and Smart (automobile) offices (actually in neighbouring Böblingen). In the Middle Ages, it was home to a weaving industry, and today there are still many fashion firms. The communities Maichingen and Darmsheim were incorporated in 1971.



Neighboring towns and cities: Böblingen, Stuttgart, Leonberg. Note that there is no gap between Böblingen and Sindelfingen. In Sindelfingen the river Schwippe begins and the highest point is 531 meters above sea level. In the north lies the Glemswald (Nature reserve).


Automobile industry, computer industry, fashion wholesale


  • Old city hall (Rathaus), now the city museum (free admission)
  • St Martin's church (Martinskirche) (built: 11.-12. century)
  • A short alley with half timbered houses (Fachwerkhäusern)
  • Old cemetery (behind city library)
  • Witch jump
  • Cloister Lake
  • Large public swimming pool with a long water slide
  • water-tower on Goldberg
  • Water-tower Sindelfingen-Steige
  • Water-tower Sindelfingen-Eichholz
  • Friendship Fountain on the market place, designed by Bonifatius Stirnberg Around a central fountain with the Pegasus are six small fountains represanting the six partner towns of Sindelfingen. The figures can rotate.
  • Powerline-branch Maichingen
  • Zweigart-Sawitzki-Bridge
  • High-based pylons
  • TV repeater Darmsheim
  • Transmitter Tower Fuchsberg
  • Transmitter Tower service area Forest of Sindelfingen
  • Mercedes-Benz factory. Tours can be arranged through Mercedes dealers.

Honorary citizens

  • Roger Combrisson
  • Arthur Gruber
  • Dr. Wilhelm Haspel
  • Wilhelm Hörmann
  • Karl Hummel
  • Dr. Wilhelm Langheck
  • Karl Pfitzer
  • Ernst Schäfer
  • Arthur K. Watson
  • Mina Zweigart


  • Until 1987, there was a Volksfest each summer in Sindelfingen. It stopped because the site where it took place was required for a county garden exhibition. Until now, there is no appropriate site for such an event in Sindelfingen.
  • Sindelfingen has an annual International Street Fair which features ethinc food and performances from the partner cities, as well as from various local ethnic clubs.

Traffic connections


Film producer, director, and author Roland Emmerich grew up in Sindelfingen. Wizo is a Punk rock band from Sindelfingen.


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